Claritas Classical Academy

is a homeschool hybrid program meeting two days per week. Our comprehensive program serves Philadelphia-area homeschool families and their pre-K through high school students with a Christ-centered, classical curriculum.

At Claritas, we seek to cultivate wisdom and virtue by nourishing the child’s soul on truth, goodness, and beauty so that, in Christ, the student is enabled to better know, glorify, and enjoy God.  We also strive to assist homeschooling families in achieving meaningful and lasting success in their home education program by using a Classical model in a Christian community.  Claritas Classical Academy is a Christ-centered group seeking accountability, community, and excellence in educating our children.

We focus on providing our children with the tools of learning so that they may become free, logical, and imaginative thinkers, preparing them for leadership in society.  Like many of America’s Founding Fathers, we believe that a classical education prepares and equips children to lead.


Equipping our Children to Think & Lead for the Glory of God

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Claritas Classical Academy